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Habb Release Drop-2: Improved Instructions Authoring And User Administration Upgrades

We’re thrilled to announce the Habb Release Drop-2 update of Atheer’s AR Powered Front Line Worker platform is now available!  Our product team worked tirelessly to create some great new features to make the lives of our partners so much easier! 


In the Habb Release Drop-2 we focused on improving user administration and elevating the quality and usability of the digital instructions you offer your front line teams to help them work safer, better and more efficiently. In this article, you’ll learn about Habb improvements that:


  1. Create feedback loops that make it easy for AiRForm authoring teams and management to collaborate and elevate the quality of digital instructions through a streamlined and effective review process.
  2. Provide front line workers with the ability to conveniently provide feedback on the Jobs they perform. This will give your teams greater ownership and investment in the work they do, improve the quality of instructions, and make sure front line issues are communicated and resolved more quickly.
  3. Important improvements in user administration with SCIM support that make it possible to upload users from directories into Atheer quickly and save you a ton of time and effort. 


We should note that this article will be summarizing only the most important Habb refinements. We’ll be looking at how Habb can help you improve your front line efficiency and productivity. For a more granular look at everything that’s changed during Habb for our users we recommend you head over to the “What’s New” article linked here!   


AirForm Authoring Upgrades




Habb’s biggest changes are related to authoring, reviewing, and getting feedback on the digital instructions your teams use to execute work. 


Habb’s upgraded AirForm authoring process provides our partners with the tools they need to continuously improve work instructions. This is crucial as the instructions you provide your teams must be useful to new employees, experienced workers, and even contractors. Your workflows need to cover every step of the process, and the instructions must be easy for your front line teams to understand. 


Previously, AirForm Authoring was more or less unidirectional. Authors created the digital instructions and they were executed by front line workers. Front line teams could communicate with their managers on improvements they’d like to make, but the process had yet to be streamlined, and much was conveyed verbally or through emails. 


With Habb, a direct feedback loop has been established that connects AiRForms authors to front line workers in the flow of work while executing jobs. This means that when front line teams encounter issues, they can immediately comment on changes that would help them more efficiently execute the work. 


With these improvements, you now have an enhanced ability to improve your team’s efficiency, productivity, and reduce human error. Let’s take a look at these updates in detail!


Step 1: Team Authoring Improvements


AiRForm Review 1


Team authoring with our access control list feature has been available for a while now, but now we’ve added comments and a formal review process. Users with comment permission can provide feedback within an AirForm itself. Authors can find unresolved comments and manage them by clicking on the comments button and mark them as resolved or delete them. 


Once you’ve collaborated and authored AiRForms with your team, you can then submit the AiRForm for review. Organizations with predefined reviewers for processes by function / expertise can now easily fold AiRForm authoring into their purview. 


The ability to define Review flows and use them in the AiRForm review cycle will help your organizations improve the quality of your instructions and upgrade compliance. Once approved, the AiRForm can be published and used by the front line. Click on the link below if you’d like to take a deep dive into how to configure the AirForm review process


Step 2: Front Line Feedback On The Jobs They Execute


Jop Comments in Lens



Front line workers can now add their own comments as they execute their Jobs. These comments can be about specific issues they encounter that need to be resolved immediately, or they can be feedback on the digital instructions themselves to improve clarity and usability. 


This increases the visibility of front line issues and allows for quicker resolution and streamlined process iteration.  Because, who knows more about what needs to be done on the front line than your experienced front line workers? 


Their feedback can get back to the authors, and the collaborative continuous improvement cycle continues. One time learnings are captured and can become permanent productivity gains.  Your front line teams can help you find inefficiencies in processes and share performance tips that can be distributed across your entire organization to make it easier to execute work to your standards and on your schedule


But that’s not the only improvements to AiRForms! 


We’ve also added some exciting new functionality to AiRForms including UI layout improvements, cloning responses as you author, so you don’t have to re-create a response that you use multiple times, and you can now manage and measure risk assessment using AiRForms with arithmetic responses within multiple choice responses. Check out the What’s New article to learn about these improvements in detail

Improved User Administration 


SCIM Diagram


The  Habb Update has made it more convenient to directly bring your users into Atheer’s system. Your IT teams can easily connect our platform to your single sign-on or directory service systems. 


We’ve added support for System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM)  to link Atheer to 3rd party directory services.  Now, you can automate the management of hundreds, and even thousands of your Atheer users through your own directory service and not waste administrative effort entering by them one at a time. 


Using SCIM, we now have the ability to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and other user directory providers to keep Atheer User information up-to-date in near real time. You will no longer need to manage Atheer users separately in Atheer studio.  


We’ve also added generic ODIC support for secure single sign-on. User administration is now easier than ever with Atheer!


ODIC Studio and Lens

Quick Rundown Of Minor Improvements


We’ve also added the iOS platform to our amazing AiRAnchors offering, so you can now digitally anchor important and relevant information to the real world using your iPhone or iPad along with your Android devices. In case you haven’t had a chance to learn about our revolutionary AirAnchor technology check out the video below and get a glimpse into the future! 



We’ve also expanded our language support to eighteen different languages, enhanced our remote assist offering and upgraded our Webhook functionality!




But wait there’s more! There are many more exciting features still left to discover in the “What’s New” feature release article


Click on the link above and get our most in-depth coverage of this release, so that you can take advantage of all the ways Atheer can help your front line do their best work every time. You can also learn about more improvements from Habb Release Drop 1 here


If you’re already a customer, reach out to your Atheer sales or customer service representative for an in depth discussion of these and other features in the Habb release.


If you’re not yet a customer please sign up for a demo and let us show you all the ways we can transform your enterprise business. You can go here to sign up or drop us an email at  


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