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The Augmented Reality Platform 

for Today’s Enterprises

Atheer’s award-winning Augmented Reality platform gives the world’s leading enterprises a competitive edge by transforming the productivity, effectiveness, accuracy and safety of their workforces – across the widest range of smart glasses and mobile devices.

Atheer AiR Enterprise

Atheer AiR Enterprise is our award winning AR collaboration and productivity platform for enterprises. It is being used by our customers to transform the way they do work across a variety of use cases including field service, dealer service, manufacturing, logistics and warehouse operations, assembly line operations, training, and MRO (maintenance and repair operations).

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Porsche Announces “Tech Live Look” Initiative Using Augmented Reality Smart Glasses in Dealerships

Porsche Cars North America uses Atheer’s flagship AiR™ Enterprise augmented reality platform in its development of “Tech Live Look” and was able to reduce service resolution times in its dealerships by up to 40%.

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Toshiba and Atheer partner on enterprise grade AR

Toshiba selects Atheer AiR Enterprise for its new, Windows 10 based, dynaEdge smart glasses.

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Atheer Brings Augmented Reality to MRO Americas and the AMC

Atheer and American Airlines show how MD80 center consoles can be maintained and repaired faster and more safely.

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