On the Front Line of Automotive Aftersales

Even before COVID-19, the automotive industry was facing far-reaching challenges with profound effects on service operations. Megatrends from connectivity, alternative drivetrains, pace of innovation, and skills shortages are fundamentally reshaping the landscape of automotive aftersales. Atheer’s end-to-end connected worker platform helps manufacturers and dealers stay ahead of these challenges.

“RELS (powered by Atheer) enables our Technical Service Centre to support Volkswagen Group’s innovative new vehicles with industry-leading customer service, reliability and safety. We believe it will be a major driver to transform the way we service and maintain the millions of new Volkswagen Group vehicles that will hit in the road the next few years. We value Atheer’s partnership and the power of the Atheer platform in making this a reality.”

-Metin Tahsin, Group Technical Support Manager, Volkswagen Group UK 

Atheer Front Line Worker Platform is designed to empower Automotive Aftersales teams to improve productivity, safety and efficiency by

  • Improving  first time fix rates by using remote and self-assist capabilities on mobile devices and smart glasses. 
  • Reducing service resolution times by providing technicians with the right information and access to the right people at the time they need it most.
  • Speeding up warranty claim adjudication as images and data about warranty work can be captured and communicated quickly and accurately using connected mobile devices and smart glasses.
  • Digitizing paper based processes such as service information bulletins, recall documents, checklists, inspections, etc.
  • Improving quality monitoring to better understand what processes are working and where improvements could be made. 
  • Conducting technician training without travel costs. 
  • Doing remote inspections and audits to gain and maintain a clear picture of work quality.  
  • Improving customer satisfaction by repairing vehicles faster and more accurately, reducing the chance that need for a return visit to complete a repair or maintenance procedure. 
  • Improving dealer profitability through better use of technician time. 

The Digitization of OEMs & Dealers

Front line technologies such as process digitization, remote assistance, augmented reality and intelligent insights have matured out of the innovation departments and are now available in the service bay. Atheer has been at the forefront of this digitization revolution.

Watch Atheer in action

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK rolled out Atheer’s front line worker platform to dealer technicians across its Van Centre network to help speed up complex repair work. Results showed a repair efficiency increase of up to 93 per cent.

Technology-enabled Aftersales

The future of automotive aftersales is digitally augmented to provide the dealer technician with the right information, guidance, and support required to effect repairs and services in the most optimal way – dealer profitability, OEM margins, and customer satisfaction all sky rocket.

Atheer in action:

Working with Atheer, Porsche Cars North America has shortened service resolution time by up to 40% and impressed JD Powers.

The Atheer Front Line Worker Platform.

Modern digital tools that transform how front-line teams work. For automotive aftersales, it can be used to:

  • Create and provide augmented visual work instructions, standard operating procedures such as warranty clearing, guides, inspections, checklists, surveys, and audits 
  • Provide integrated augmented remote assistance 
  • Offer a way to connect your digital assets to the vehicle with smart scans 
  • Provide enterprise-grade digital content creation and management 
  • Offer real-time insights as work is performed by technicians 
  • Help technicians on any mobile device they want to use – apps for phones, tablets, and smart glasses as well as a desktop and mobile browsers 
  • Do all of the above with no coding

Improve Your Automotive Aftersales Team’s Productivity, Safety and Efficiency

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