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Augmented Reality for Today’s Industrial Enterprises

Atheer’s mission is to connect today’s digital and physical work spaces.

We work with the world’s best known and most innovative industrial enterprises to transform the way they do work.

Innovation is at the heart of who we are and re-envisioning the way people work is our daily passion.

What is AiR?

AiR is Atheer’s unique Augmented interactive Reality technology.

Based on groundbreaking research and innovation, Atheer AiR brings to industrial enterprises the most advanced and flexible Augmented Reality solutions available today. From our unique multi-modal interactions (gestures, head motion, and voice) to out-of-box software applications for your most important work flows and processes, Atheer is the partner for your Augmented Reality journey.

Atheer AiR Enterprise

AiR Enterprise is the award winning AR software platform for industrial enterprises.  Based on Atheer’s patented AiR technologies, AiR Enterprise will change the way your business and your people work. Easy to deploy, even easier to use, and all available for the smart glasses of your choice.


AiR Enterprise allows your mobile industrial professionals to make video calls to remote experts, offering them both real-time assistance and improved collaboration – all at a significantly reduced cost.


Whether your team is working on a noisy factory floor, outdoors, or in the quiet of an office environment, our intuitive and natural user experience (including our ground breaking hand gestures) allows your users to be effective and safe in all working conditions.


AiR Enterprise delivers highly contextual documentation, images, videos, 3D models, step-by-step task guidance, remote expertise and other resources directly to your mobile industrial workers, as they need it, to the smart glasses of their choice.

Dynamic Content

AiR Enterprise is powered by the AR industry’s most powerful and flexible content and task flow design, authoring and management platform. Creating and deploying content to your smart glasses has never been easier or more cost effective.

Task Guidance

Atheer’s step-by-step task guidance transforms the productivity, quality, accuracy, and safety of your mobile industrial professionals. Our unique visual task flow designer makes the authoring and deployment of step-by-step guidance (with supporting media) easier than ever.

Flexible Deployment

Atheer AiR Enterprise supports cloud-based, on premise, and hybrid deployments. The platform has enterprise class security across all layers and is extensible via REST-based APIs.

How is AiR Enterprise Used?

Our customers are the world’s industrial leaders and use Atheer AiR Enterprise to improve the productivity, quality, accuracy, and safety of their mobile industrial workers across many use cases including:

Make Your Smart Glasses Even Smarter With Atheer AiR Experience

The simple reality is that no two work places are the same. Working conditions vary in terms of noise, light, physical access and safety concerns. Tasks vary from company to company and from person to person. We believe that smart glasses should smart enough to understand this and be better at supporting the work your people do. With Atheer they can be. Our Air Experience technology is now available now to deliver the following interaction experiences on all smart glasses:


Gestures are a great way to precisely interact and are perfect for dirty or loud environments. Atheer AiRTM Experience’s precise and efficient hand tracking algorithm can enable your existing smart glasses to take advantage of their existing RGB camera or depth sensors to recognize and respond to gestures – providing a hands-free working experience to your team.


There are some situations when gestures are not ideal, for example when your hands are occupied with tools, voice commands provider an important and safe alternative for interacting with your smart glasses. With Atheer AiRTM Experience you can add voice commands to your smart glass system actions and developers can define voice commands to extend their apps.

Head Motion

In situations where voice commands and gestures are not suitable, for example in noisy environments, head motion is a great alternative. Atheer AiR Experience’s multi-display and sphere view technologies allow your workers to access and scroll between content (including video feeds) and drill into images, maps, and 3D models with a simple motion of their heads.


Support for industry standard touchscreen devices means workers using iOS (coming soon) and Android phones and tablets can experience AiR computing from the palm of their hand

Ready for the smartglasses of your choice

Atheer AiR Enterprise employs a set of unique and patented technologies to provide the richest AR application in the industry – on the smartglasses (and soon, mobile devices) of your choice.

Getting Started with Atheer

We know that it can be confusing to know where to start with your Augmented Reality project. Everything we do at Atheer is designed to provide you with a fast, well-supported AR journey that results in a rapid business value.

Request a demonstration of Atheer AiR Enterprise today and let us show you how quickly, easily, and economically you can deliver high impact AR solutions to your workforce.

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