Atheer AiR, The world’s most interactive 3D smart glasses platform for deskless professionals

Wearing our see-through smart glasses, you can see rich information critical to your work, interact naturally with it and collaborate with your remote peers like never before. Our award-winning platform consists of the AiR smart glasses powered by the Android-based AiR OS and the collaboration-centric AiR Suite for Enterprise.

Using dual vibrant see-through 3D displays, dual RGB cameras in combination with a 3D camera the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor allows the AiR smart glasses to be the most interactive and powerful smart glasses on the market.

Enjoy unmatched hands-free productivity, all while on the move with our Atheer AiR OS and AiR Suite for Enterprise platform. Communication between deskless professionals and subject matter experts is key to enabling quick decision making and a productive workforce. AiR Suite for Enterprise is designed to deliver unbounded collaboration, management and rapid task flow deployment.

Atheer AiR smart glasses empower you to see and change the world around you.



    Industrial, Energy


    Insurance, Construction

    Logistics, Warehousing


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