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How is AiR Enterprise Used?

Atheer AiR Enterprise is the award-winning AR platform for industrial enterprises.

Based on Atheer’s patented technologies, AiR Enterprise will change the way your business and your people collaborate, access expertise, and get work  done. It’s easy to deploy and even easier to use.


AiR Enterprise provides your team with video access to remote experts, for collaboration & real time assistance. Get your expertise to where is it needed.


Atheer’s unique AiR technology connects your physical and digital workspaces through smart glasses and tablets to help your people work smarter, faster, and safer.


AiR Enterprise is a breakthrough AR platform bringing your team the documentation, resources, step by step task guidance, and remote expertise they need, to the smart glasses they use.

Dynamic Content

AiR Enterprise is powered by the AR industry’s most complete content management,
workflow design, authoring and task management platform.

Task Guidance

Whether your team is working on a noisy factory floor, outdoors, or in the quiet of an office environment, AiR Enterprise allows your users to be effective in all working conditions.

Flexible Deployment

Atheer AiR Enterprise is cloud-based and highly configurable for easy deployment and management of users, devices, and integration with your other enterprise systems.

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