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Iris Release: Elevated White-Labeling, Advanced Analytics And Remote Control Capabilities

We’re excited to announce Atheer’s Iris update is now available! 


In the Iris release, Atheer focused on elevating the quality of our White labeling experience, expanding our API capabilities to make it easier to integrate Atheer with your existing systems, and providing a Remote Control AirSessions feature to tackle troubleshooting and complex repair for equipment manufacturers.  We’ve also introduced AirInsights, our new advanced analytics engine to give you unprecedented real-time visibility into your service operations. There is a lot to get excited about so hold onto your hats!



In our Iris release article, you’ll learn about how: 


  1. The new configurable Atheer Lens home screen enables you to create a fully customizable experience for your teams. Customers can rapidly set up role-based experiences for their extended enterprise with ease and convenience.
  2. The new Co-browsing and Remote Desktop Control feature added to AirSessions enables equipment manufacturers to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with the ability to view the hardware and the diagnostic and control software on a single platform.
  3. The advancements in our API integrations make it easier to sync your training and knowledge management systems with Atheer to quickly close the knowledge gap.
  4. Our new AirInsights feature will give your organization unprecedented visibility into operations and let customers analyze data in real-time. 


We should note that this article will be summarizing only the most important Iris refinements. For a more granular look at everything that’s changed during Iris for our users, we recommend you head over to the What’s New Article linked here.  


  1. Elevated White-Label Experience With Our New Configurable Homescreen 


Atheer has taken a dramatic step forward in our white-labeling capabilities. We now have a configurable home screen for the Atheer Lens app, so you can customize the Lens app experience to match your company’s needs and reflect the look and feel of your company. 


Streamline your users’ experience by presenting only the features and functions they need to maximize operational efficiency.  It’s never been easier to tailor the experience you offer your teams with Atheer.  

Both Home Screens in Frames 1

2. Troubleshoot and Diagnose with Remote Control AirSessions



Automotive AiRSession 1


Iris lets equipment manufacturers troubleshoot and diagnose problems with the ability to view the hardware and diagnostic control software on a single platform with Atheer’s new Remote Desktop Control feature.


Experts can now (with permission) see or remotely control the entire computer desktops of AiRSession attendees who are joined through the Atheer Studio app. This is especially important for experts who need to see the diagnostic software on the technician’s desktop as well as the video feed from their device and, then offer guidance during diagnosis and repairs. Your remote experts now have unparalleled access. It’s almost like there are in the room with your customer’s technicians. 


3. A Whole New Level of Integration With Existing Systems


User Search API 1


It’s now easier to integrate all your existing systems with Atheer.


Our external APIs can now be used to push all kinds of knowledge and training Content into Atheer from sources such as an LMS or knowledge base, so your Atheer authors don’t have to recreate it manually. This means your service teams can get all the knowledge access they need to onboard quickly without having to navigate through multiple systems. Training can then be integrated into Atheer’s point-of-work instructions to make sure workers can get all the information they need to execute work to your standard, no matter their experience level. 


We’ve also added additional search fields to the Content search and User search APIs, so now your searches from your external systems will be much more effective.

And to top it off, we’ve created external API support for AiRSession functionality. You can now use our APIs to integrate the AiRSession features and functions directly into your own custom scheduling or calendar program. With Iris, it’s easier to make your most critical systems work together to maximize efficency. 



4.  An Improved AirForm Authoring Experience


We’ve added several important features to make AiRForm authoring much more effective and better reflect the way you work.


You can now speed up Airform authoring using a new copy/paste functionality to copy images into AiRForm headers, conveniently execute Jobs from the new button on the Job Details page, and preview more complicated AirForms. 


We’ve also added local file attachments as a response option in an AiRForm step. Just drop that in as an option, and when users get to that step in a Job, they can choose to select files that already exist on their devices or computer drives. They can upload PDFs, log files, and other documents and add them to the Job to keep all the relevant data in the same place – it’s now super convenient for keeping track of all the relevant information in the Job record


5)  Use AirInsights* To Gain A Whole New Level of Visibility Into the Work

AiRInsights Dashboard 2.2 1 


Introducing AiRInsights-our new advanced analytics system.  You’ll be able to create, review, and export, multidimensional reports on your Atheer platform utilization. Simply click on the visually rich dashboards and drill down into the critical details to get instant operational visibility. 


These reports can provide valuable insights up to three levels deep (i.e., completed Jobs, by team, by AiRForm). The dashboards can be modified to suit the customers’ needs,  and customers will even be able to build their own dashboards. 


*This new feature is available at an additional charge. Our existing customers are eligible for special introductory prices. Please consult with your Account Executives or Customer Success managers to arrange a demo and start the evaluation process. 


And There’s More


There are many more exciting features still left to discover in the “What’s New” feature release article.  Click on the link and get our most in-depth coverage of this release, so that you can take advantage of all the ways Atheer can help your teams do their best work every time. 


If you’re already a customer, reach out to your Atheer sales or Customer Success Manager for an in-depth discussion.


If you’re not yet a customer, please sign up for a demo and let us show you all the ways we can transform the way you interact with your customers and front-line teams. You can go here to sign up or drop us an email at  




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