Help skilled technical experts to be more effective
Some 648,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed
to handle the maintenance, repair and overhaul work on aircraft
over the next 20 years - and they will need skilled, technical
experts to help them.
Measurable Benefits
Safer work, safer passengers
Safe aircraft maintenance requires effective troubleshooting,
meticulous inspection and highly accurate work instructions
followed to the letter by aviation maintenance technicians.
Measurable Benefits
Support for collaboration throughout the supply chain
Modern aircraft include components manufactured at multiple
global locations from a broad range of suppliers. The Atheer AR
platform supports guest experts and group calling to better enable
supply chain collaboration on MRO tasks.
Measurable Benefits

Why MRO Needs AR

The MRO operations within aviation companies face a decline in the size of their experienced and skilled workforce, increasing demand for new planes (and servicing of existing fleets) and tight schedules that allow for little downtime.

“Industry research firm Oliver Wyman concluded in its 2017 MRO survey that over the next decade, the ‘record number of maintenance technicians eligible to retire will outpace the total of new mechanics entering the market globally’. It further predicts that by 2027 in the US, demand for maintenance technicians will outstrip supply by 9 per cent.”

From Augmented Reality for the Aviation Industry: Getting ready for take off, Atheer 2017

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