Faster diagnosis of repair and maintenance issues
AR allows field service engineers to more quickly identify - and
gain access to relevant work instructions - to repair and maintenance
issues for increasing complex systems.
Measurable Benefits
Dynamic delivery of relevant work instructions
Whether doing a detailed review of equipment maintenance records
or repairing large, complex and expensive machinery, AR can help.
Measurable Benefits
20-50% reduction in the cost to train distributed workforces
Through the delivery of work instructions within a worker’s
vision of vision, on the job training can be delivered faster and
more broadly across multiple locations.
Measurable Benefits

Why Field Service Needs AR

Field service technicians are constantly on the move, working in all types of weather and often in remote locations. They need easy, fast, reliable access to the experts, guidance and the digital resources required to complete their work.

“In field service (we look at) how can we improve the reliability of our network so that our customers can see a faster repair time? How can we avoid sending experts out to the field? How can we leverage support more effectively so that we’re not have to send those key team members to remote sites?”

Parm Sandhu, Director of Network and System Operations at Canada’s TELUS Corporation, in conversation with Chief Operating Officer Amar Dhaliwal and VR/AR Association Global Executive Director Kris Kolo

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