In this new eBook we explore the many changes underway in the Automotive industry, how those changes are reshaping its business imperatives and how AR can help the sector deal with many of the challenges created by all this change.

Augmented Reality for the Automotive Industry


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Increased Utilization

Improve worker and asset efficiency

Higher Quality Output

Your people in the factory require hands-free productivity along with speed and safety, instant access to rich media, and remote expert communication. 

AiR Suite makes that possible.

More Productive Workforce




“Nissan chose Atheer because of their extensive AR use case knowledge and their intuitive approach to interaction. Their technology was crucial to our launching our PoC without a hitch.”

“We chose Atheer over competitors after meeting with the team and Epson at EWTS. They were able to give us a hands-on look at the software solution and answered all our questions.”

Automotive Manufacturer


Cloud-Based Collaboration & Management Console


Task Flows

Intuitive Task Flow Creation Tool

Video Conferencing for Remote Collaboration & Real-Time Annotation

Management Console

Remote Collaboration

Smartglass-Optimized Android Application

How do I get started?

Deploying a wearable productivity solution to reduce the risk and cost of downtime on your manufacturing line has never been easier. The experts at Atheer are here to help you every step of the way.

1) Identify your usecase 

2) Pick your smartglasses device 

3) Get AiR Suite for your enterprise


To enable seamless deployments across your enterprise, AiR Suite supports all your favorite smartglasses, ensuring you have the right tool for the right job.

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